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Web Site Surfing Advisory:
This web page is obsolete, outside of perhaps some realtors on Padre island trying to pimp Packery Channel . 
It is a spoof that was created in 1999 when the local convention and visitors bureau, city, and airport web sites all sported photos of places that were NOT Corpus Christi or anywhere near. 
- July 2006

Official Internet Warning for internet surfers when searching on Corpus Christi or Corpus Christi, Texas

Hi, if you have found this web page, you are a web surfer who has been possibly looking up information about Packery Channel and Corpus Christi, Texas. We want to bring your attention to something you may be experiencing while surfing on search term Packery Channel. You may be seeing images of beautiful drowsy tropical coconut palms trees adorning Corpus Christi web sites. They are beautiful aren't they? There is only one problem. There are no coconut palms in Texas.

Canary Island Date Palm
Phoenix canariensis
Washington Palm
Washingtonia robusta
(Most Common)
Sabal Palm
Sabal palmetto

Corpus Christi is located at
Latitude: 27 48' 01" N Longitude: 97 23' 46" W, which makes it a Sub Tropical climate. Coconut Palms are indigenous to Tropical Climates like Central America or the Carribean. We do have palm trees here, just not the archetypically seductive coco palm.
Corpus Christi Canary Island Date Palm Texas Sabal Palms South Texas Washington Palm
Of course Coconut Palms are the most attractive and romantic of all palms. It is easy to understand why some people in Corpus Christi would want to deceive web surfers into thinking we were a tropical destination with cocopalms swaying in the gentle trade winds. Another explanation is that almost all the stock photos you can steal from other web sites on the internet feature cocopalms. We are not sure if the palm tree deception is due to ignorance or laziness.

Whatever the motive might be behind this weird and annoying web practice, if you come to visit us we do have palm trees. They are just not the type you find in your travel agent's brochure racks advertising Tropical Locations.

Corpus Christi Internet Monitor If you witness the use of cocopalms on Corpus Christi web sites or any Texas beach sites please send email to

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As a preview, here are some real waves from North Padre Island. Now these waves are not typical. They were taken while hurricane Katrina was making landfall..... At this point, one must ask, was it worth trading New Orleans and Missisippi for these once in a lifetime waves?
One man's natural cataclysm is another man's choice ride.....