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Coastal Bend Future

Corpus Chisti looking to the future


Watch the newest commercials for The ONE Jewelry Group on Youtube now.

Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation, Leader in Social Media marketing in Corpus Christi Texas since 1959!
When the internet was all in black and white and you needed rabbit ears to get to a web site,
we were telling people they could make money using social media!

Of course you couldn't make money then and you can't make money now on social media, but we will be happy to tell you you can and send you a bill!

No matter how "dead and buried" people say Facebook is, we are still rolling with it!

(For those unfamiliar with the internet or satire, this is satirical or spoof oriented material.
If you are contacted by a "Social Media Marketing" expert, unless you have money to burn, get rid of them..)

Sarah Tindall 404 Consulting LLC | Petra Azar Retail outlets

Giftology Stores now open!



Coming soon......


Corpus Christi and South Texas sewing
Corpus Christi Lighthouse Project

North Carolina for Pandora beads charms and bracelets

Farenthold's Pajamas..... Can they save the Obama Agenda? Elle Jewelry in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Los Angeles area mastering engineer and 
all around musical genius,


Pandora Jewelry Retail Outlets
Windward Properties in Corpus Christi features local information and real estate services.
An inspirational leader in the South Texas business community is
Marion Luna Brem


Instrument Calibration in Corpus Christi

Some of the finest Hill Counrty Hunting in Texas
at the Barnes Keith Ranch

Corpus Christi and South Texas sewing



How about a new car from Love Chrysler?

Corpus Christi Web Sites, Social Media Strategies

Corpus Christi social media consulting and internet development from, offering services in Texas, Hawaii, The Midwest, Florida and Southern California, Massachusetts and will all over..... Site design, search engine seeding, online database integration, custom online applications, general marketing strategies, digital photography, collateral advertising, and web site repair.

We will clean up the stuff your IT gurus broke and reveal the secrets of Social Media Marketing!


Real Estate foreclosures in Corpus Christi provide an excellent buyers market!
Roger Clemens doing a rehab start in Corpus Christi with the Hooks.
The web sites listed below are all clients at Most were designed here. Some are hosted here. Some have come in for repairs. Some were just passed down for maintenance, and never left.

I just took some pictures in Hannibal , Missouri....  Turn your speakers on



Corpus Christi real estate information is here

Some more members of the Time and Space client family include:

Freddy fender and Doug Sahm
 The OFFICIAL Freddy Fender site

Downtown Corpus Christi is coming alive at Port City Plaza

polynesian adventure tours
Polynesian Adventure Tours is no longer a client at Time and Space. That is NOT our work.
Hailing from Mississippi, model and former business partner Kelly Collins now lives in Los Angeles

Join in the excitement in Padre Island Real Estate at Windward Properties.

This is how I got from the North Shore of Kauai to Texas. It was the long term effects of Hurricane Iniki. This is also the first thing I published on the WWW in 1993. I still get more feedback on this than anything I have published since. Hurricane Iniki

Michaelle Edwards doing yoga
Next time you really want to get away on Kauai go to Spinning Dolphin Farms and experience Mana Yoga
Hawaiian Wedding
Ted Lauder was the first photographer in Hawaii with a web site. 


If you are coming or going (hopefully coming) from Corpus Christi check out CC Transfer



The Packery Channel story continues at the

A photographic tribute to Brad Lomax and his Water Street stuff

Hurricane Katrina Kicked up massive swells on the Western Gulf

Have you ever wonder what living in Maui would be like? Listen to Living in Paradise



Providing Internet Consulting for over 17.68% of a Century
South Texas, Kansas City, South Florida, California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and Beyond...