The Padre Island property owner who had proposed the Great Texas resort, Paul Schexnailder, has pulled out of the Packery Channel project according to a local Corpus Christi media report.

Wait a MINUTE! Paul Schexnailder is back in the game!

According to an Award winning newspaper in Corpus Christi, Paul Shexnailder has reconsidered his involvement in the Packery Channel project.  He is reportedly scaling down his original proposal by a half.
Packery Channel Development
Original Resort Size
Padre Island investment
1/2 Size Resort

The channel will still be dredged at the same depth and width even with the resort is reduced in size by half.

If you have any leads on a developer with half a billion to a billion dollars available to create jobs in Corpus Christi, please notify us at  No experience necessary.  All offers will be received in confidence.

Or apparently half the amounts mentioned above will do.  Dredge Report