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Date: Fri, 09 Aug 1996 05:04:36 -0500
From: jedijim
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Subject: Love Story!
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James T.
Where can I find a Copy of "The Clintons and the Media: A Love Story!"

A fellow right-wing extremist used his unregistered a-salt weapon to force me to give him my last copy. Can you help a guy who would be delighted to head up your committee to re-elect if you ever get elected to something!

jedijim-Compuserve 76552,1434

The following correspondence came in when I made some apparently unpopular comments about media coverage of the Arizona militias.


James T. Cook, with incerdibly heavy competition, especially from Texas, YOU WIN the award for the most stupid, moronic comment I have yet to read in this forum. The competition was great, yet yours was the dumbest !!

When I first started reading your posts James, I thought you were at least a semi-bright person (a Texas rarity). Somewhat misguided, but at least semi-bright.

The above comments are what TRULY reveals your ignorance.
What? No militias in Texas? Texas, the home of the Ku Klux Klan??
How anyone from Texas can throw out comments like that is pretty amazing, especially with a straight face.

Maybe when you get done chopping up women with chainsaws, and quit your cult in which you rape the children of your 'wives' before the place gets burned down by the Feds, you might think a little more clearly.

I know James. Grab a bite to eat, that always helps. You can use the front entrance at Luby's Cafeteria in Kaleen, Texas as a drive-thru before shooting a couple dozen people.

Now that you are fed, relaxed and refreshed, you might now realize that the kooks come from everywhere. Arizona certainly has it's share, and so does Texas.

Scott & Jennifer

BTW, Is it just you? Or does everyone in Texas use the clock tower at the University of Texas for taking target practice?

If anybody would like to respond, send some e-mail to Scott & Jennifer.

From: WMPL99A@prodigy.com (MR BRIAN C FOLINSKI)
Date: Sat, 3 Aug 1996 22:46:23, -0500
To: jcook@phoenix.net
Subject: great web page..

I just came upon the web page, where Justin visited Corpus Christi, Texas. I must admit that of all the surfing I've done so far, Justin's home page has been the most fun,interesting and real I've seen.

I'll be sure to tell all my friends about your great page. Keep up the good work, and I hope Justin's carpel tunnel is taken care of. I look forward to visiting again. And if he ever wants to plan a trip to Buffalo, let me know..


by Roger Ebert
Q. I am experiencing a crisis with a friend who insists on lowering some of my favorite films to the common denominator of "hair movies." I really liked "Last of the Mohicans," as there have never been enough decent Revolutionary era films. My friend says the film was a failure because nobody had access to creme rinse in those days, as "Hawkeye" must have, since his hair was too perfect. Now when I think of this film, I can only see Daniel Day-Lewis in curlers on the way to the set. It happened again with "Legends of the Fall," where Brad Pitt's hair (according to my friend) had an unnatural luster that could not have been achieved without creme rinse.

Now it has gone too far. I am a history buff, Mel Gibson fan and Scotsman by descent. I am eagerly awaiting "Braveheart," but my friend mischievously commented the other day, "Oh, another hair movie, eh?" I have now lodged in my consciousness a picture of Sir William Wallace looking like Fabio on a paperback cover, replete with wind machines and unbuttoned shirt. All period movies now look like "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" to me. What do you think about this, and do you have any remedial suggestions? -- James T. Cook, Corpus Christi, Texas

A. As a corrective, I suggest you rent "Roadie," and study Meat Loaf's hair carefully to see what the heroes of the movies you love would have looked like without modern advances in hair care.

I have been exchanging e-mail with Roger Ebert for a couple of years. Last Summer, he ran this exchange in the June 4, 1995 Chicago Sun Times. With Braveheart getting 10 Academy Award nominations, I thought it was time to rerun it in here. RE and I both predicted a Best Picture nod for Apollo 13, though.-The Predator

Corpus in the rear view mirror

Howdy! Just found you. I'd heard about your "We Built This City On Guacamole" section and had been searching for it. With a few pointers from Bill Glass (via my mother) I was able to discover all of your wonders. I am from Corpus but currently attend TAMU-College Station, the only "Aggieland," and am glad that I may now keep myself posted on Corpus happenings, etc. I enjoyed your work and am appreciative.

Thank you,

Madeyline Brown

after suffering through several years at "********" in kingsville, and a year of corpus in "industry", i have finally returned to civilization, more commonly known as "America"! corpus would be okay if the city council (including queen mary) were replaced, as well as a few other changes. (visit the valley and see the future of corpus). one suggestion: if certain people are bent on renaming a corpus landmark after you know who, how about a point of interest which is more appropriate, say the #######? maybe once the detriments to south texas society are voted out of office (ie kika, carlos, etc) possibly there will be some hope for the future. other suggestions:1) english only, change marys' big hair style, attract high tech industries, crack down on uninsured drivers, new coliseum, protect property values on the south side, as in more exclusion. i pray for corpus,but it will take a lot more than that.(oh by the way,excellent web site!) ps no more bernie, or caller times editorialists....pleeeeassseee

We found parts of this letter potentially offensive so we edited it, and withheld the name

Hi James, My name is David Flores, I'm a local web surfer and stumbled on the E-Zine a while back, just thought I'd tell ya what a great job your doing with it. I have to agree with all the restaurant reviews, you hit the nail on the head with them. I think it's great that South Texas is finally catching up with the rest of the world as far as the Internet is concerned, it seems that technology just seems to skip over this part of the world sometimes :) E-Zine is doing an excellent job representing Corpus and the Coastal Bend in Cyberspace. Hey, I'll probably have my home page up within the month and will proud to add a link to this spot! If you're ever on IRC, I am a regular in #centperk
(http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~bhood/friends/centperk.html), stop by and we chat "local" :)

David A. Flores

Shocked and Dismayed


I am absolutely shocked that you did not include The Raven & The Sparrow Gourmet Cafe' on your restaraunt or hot spots sections. We are the one and only Coffehouse in Corpus and also provide FREE Internet access to our customers. We have had a total of 8 local T.V. stories and 4 Caller Times articles (not to mention Texas Monthly) We have also been added (Only one in Corpus) to Rolling Stone Magazines' Clients list.(not bad for exactly 1 year open). I hear of your page through the grape vine, and decided to look you up and what do I see listed ? SMALL PLANET.....among the worst Coffee in Corpus. Well stop by and we will convince you that all our hype is well spoken for & deserved.

Puzzled but having fun,


If you check out our restaurant section, you will see a thumbs up review for this place. We believe in rewarding whining at the E-Zine.

Dear Mr. Cook,

This is to inform you of a new meta-index of community-related home pages in the United States. It is called the United States Community Page Index and has been added to Yahoo recently.

The Index is committed to promoting the World Wide Web from the community point of view. Expect ongoing enhancements.

Your page was chosen to represent your community. As such, we ask that you include a link to the USCP Index as is appropriate. This is to generate more traffic for both your page and the others.

The E-Zine is now representing Corpus Christi! on the Web You can check this Index out at The United States Community Page Index -The Predator-


"Our alleged president is avoiding it like the draft. He has no substance to even consider offering to the fight so he travels around making canned protest speeches and passing the hat. This is cool because he is basically irrelevant anyway, but some of the media is characterising this as courageous leadership. Weirder still some people are buying it! On the upside did you see LT go after that reporter outside the Giants practice facility last week? Now that is how to deal with the media."

What is that nonsense all about? Are you on drugs? Or are you just getting your daily rocks off? Umm, if your are indeed the extremist that your babble purports to be, its amazing you are a proponent of violence. Family values. I'm impressed..........Just like Newtie who was a draft dodger and a man who dumped his cancerous wife for a younger, trade-in model. Family values. And only democrats deserved to be kill bait in Vietnam, not republicans. I'm very, very impressed....Family values. Common sense. Logic. A respect for human life. (not just republican dingbats) You should do something important for a living, like solve world peace or something, since you have such intelligence. I'm very impressed. Kill media. Kill democrats. Dump women who no longer serve you well. Family values. You should be a Rhodes Scholar with such intelligent babbling brook verbage.



Just wanted to drop you a line from your website to let you know how much I'm enjoying it. Well done, and congrats on your beautiful family!

See you in FANS.

Christopher Perez